Business Cases

IQ Protocol creates or enhances these core business drivers for blockchain, NFT, and gaming projects:

  • Increased liquidity and an additional revenue stream for projects
  • Low barrier for new players entering the ecosystem
  • Real non-inflationary yield for asset owners
  • Community building and cooperation
  • New use cases for NFTs

Increased Liquidity / Revenue Streams for Projects

When adding renting to an ecosystem, projects can charge customizable royalty fees to generate additional sources of revenue. IQ Protocol will also create a liquid market among less active holders and speculators, who can earn yield while holding assets for a potential future sale.

If a collection doesn’t sell out, for example, a project can mint the remaining assets and list these NFTs for rental. These assets would effectively function as a yield-bearing leveraged position on the future success and price of these assets, while generating additional cash flow for the treasury in whatever tokens the project deems appropriate.

Low Barrier for New Participants Entering the Ecosystem

Renting can be used as a way for new users to access an ecosystem without needing to buy the underlying asset.

Using IQ Protocol’s customizable rental features, new participants can rent on ‘reward-split’ terms, meaning there would be no upfront rental costs and the rewards would be automatically distributed at the end of the rental. With the availability of our ‘gasless transactions’ feature, users also won’t need to pay transaction costs for rentals, meaning they will be able to access the ecosystem with just an empty wallet.

This creates huge onboarding opportunities for a global audience of players from all financial situations and degrees of blockchain literacy.

Incentivize Asset Ownership

IQ Protocol creates a sustainable, non-inflationary yield for asset holders. Active members will have more incentive to hold assets that they aren’t using, while speculators will have greater upside to their investments.

This will increase asset demand and increase the liquidity of the asset market as yields naturally rise and fall.

Community Building and Cooperation

The IQ Protocol community will grow exponentially with the number of projects onboarded onto the platform. These users can be leveraged by projects to become engaged and active community members.

Coming soon

Using the IQ Market, projects can run campaigns, tournaments, and promotions singularly or in tandem with other communities to generate activity and exposure. Leveraging our extended network of partners, IQ Protocol will also offer and coordinate further marketing opportunities with extremely competitive user acquisition costs.

Using IQ Protocol’s potential for asset interoperability and cross-chain renting, projects will have the opportunity to create cooperation and co-marketing initiatives with other projects for even greater exposure.

Using the IQ Protocol, a single asset can even be rented out for use on multiple platforms simultaneously. For example, a BAYC NFT might be a playable character in one game and a ticket to an exclusive event – with IQ Protocol, both utilities could be rented out simultaneously and safely.

New Use Cases for NFTs

Dream big, and let your imagination run wild!

Renting NFTs could create new markets for ticketing, membership access, subscriptions, media, yield derivatives, and real estate, to name a few.

Let’s build the future together!

What’s Next

Explore how IQ Protocol works and how to integrate it in the next section