Renting assets

IQ Protocol gives you access to desirable assets for a needed period of time and at lower prices, while requiring no collateral and involving no risk! For some IQVerses, renting can even cost zero, as some of them provide gasless renting and some assets are rentable on "shared rewards" terms.

If you are here to finally get access to a game that requires a lot of money to buy a character and to gain new gaming experience, you can now rent the assets you need via the IQ Market.

How to rent

Renting an asset starts on its page, which looks something like this:

The renting process is quite simple:

  1. Review the “Offer”, decide and type the desirable rental period (note the time units on the right), check the resulting price, and hit Rent.
  2. Confirm the transaction (some IQVerses provide so-called delegated renting, which means that you don’t have to pay for gas; in this case, you have to sign a message instead of confirming a transaction).

If you haven’t connected your wallet yet, the “Rent” button will be substituted with a “Connect Wallet” one. If you have chosen the wrong network in your wallet, you’ll also be notified.

When renting for the first time, you’ll have to unlock the payment token via a separate transaction (hit the “Unlock” button on the screenshot above).

When the asset is rented, you’ll see something like this:

When the rental ends, you no longer own the rented asset; everything will go automatically.

You can check your rentals’ statuses on your assets page. To open it, click either “Assets” in the three-line menu (the ≡ button) or just your address (this button is only visible on wide screens):

and then open the “Rented” tab: