Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the nomenclature, meaning, and concepts of the IQ Protocol renting platform

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What is the IQ Protocol?

The IQ Protocol is a Web3 platform that allows users to rent assets, bringing together asset owners (listers) and renters in one place.

What is an IQVerse?

An IQVerse is an entity that is owned by the Service Provider and represents the unit of control over Warpers and IQVerse parameters.

What is an asset listing?

Listing is the process by which a user makes an Original Asset available for rent in the IQ Multiverse. The listing also outlines the renting terms under which the renting should happen. After the listing, the original asset becomes the listed asset.

How does asset renting work?

Renting is the process of a user "borrowing" an Original Asset from the IQVerse and accepting the terms of the asset (Lister and Warper terms combined) for renting.

Instead of receiving the original asset, a Warped Asset is issued. The Warper contract "wraps" the original asset, inheriting the functionality of the original item except the address of the Original Asset Collection.

How to list assets?

After a Service Provider has created a Warper, the Original Asset owner can create a listing using the IQ Market or IQ Protocol in general.

Is there any fee I need to pay to list assets?

Transaction fees apply to rentals. Listing of assets on the IQ Market is free of charge.

For game projects and developers

How can I start?

See the Integration section.

Which tokens are accepted for the Rental Fee payment?

See the list of Supported Payment Tokens.

Which asset types (token standards) does the IQ Protocol support?

See the list of supported blockchains and the list of supported asset types.

What is an IQVerse NFT?

IQVerse NFT - is an ERC-721 token, with a name IQVerse and symbol IQV. It is minted to the Service Provider's account during the process of IQVerse creation and represents the ownership over it.

How can I test my integration?

After integrating with IQ Protocol, one can use the supported TestNet environment to test the integration. Each TestNet environment will have a latest version of protocol available on MainNet.

What to do if something goes wrong?

Our technical team is available to provide any support regarding the correct integration process. Please contact us for assistance! Here are some options: