Renting a listed asset

What it looks like for a renter

Like explained previously, renting can be done via the IQ Market. Here’s what it looks like for a renter:

  • Prerequisites:
    • the renter needs enough payment tokens (see the table per blockchain here; obtaining tokens in testnet is described here) for renting, a small amount of gas (see testnet faucets here), and Metamask set up;
    • the desirable asset has to be listed and be available in the given IQVerse;
    • either the IQVerse is whitelisted or the lister has to have a link to the IQVerse page.
  1. If the IQVerse is whitelisted, the renter can find it in the IQ Market; otherwise they should follow the link provided by the service (see making a collection rentable).

  2. Next, they have to choose a listed asset by clicking on its card:

    For an IQVerse that's not whitelisted yet, this will look a little different:

  3. On the asset page, when renting for the first time, they have to unlock the payment token:

  1. Then they have to fill in the renting time, press “Rent”, and confirm the transaction:
  1. Success!

Now they can get eligibility provided for the asset. Once the rental period expires, they no longer own the rented asset.

For more details about renting, how it works, and its lifecycle, see Renting in more detail.