Making an Original Collection rentable

What it looks like for a service owner

As explained previously, preparing a Warper requires two steps:

  1. creating an IQVerse (if not created yet),
    • optionally whitelisting it (to make it easy-to-find in the IQ Market), and
  2. preparing a Warper.
    • After making a collection rentable, a Service Provider will usually provide eligibility to Warped Asset onwers, so we describe it here, too.

Here we describe the process for a pre-set Warper (as opposed to custom Warpers).

  • Prerequisites:
    • an account in the chosen supported blockchain;
    • an address of an Original Collection contract in the chosen chain (it can be a 3rd party collection as well, but to test listing and renting, one has to have an asset from that collection);
    • some gas for transactions (see testnet faucets here).
  1. To register an IQVerse, open the UI (Tools/Register IQVerse).
  2. Unless you’ve done it before, you’ll be asked to connect your wallet. When connecting, use the account that should own the IQV token and hence have full access to the IQVerse’s features.
  1. When the wallet is connected, fill in the name of your IQVerse, submit, and confirm the transaction via your wallet:
  1. After transaction success, you’ll be shown the id of your IQVerse. You can also look it up later on the appropriate Blockchain scanner (in the "ERC-721 Token Txns” section for your address).
  1. To get your IQVerse whitelisted, contact us at [email protected].
    Until it gets whitelisted, listers and renters need a direct link to its page. It can be obtained by going to the View IQVerse UI), selecting the blockchain, filling in the IQVerse id, and copying the address of opened page (it should look like or with market-testnet. subdomain for mainnet).
  1. With the IQV token in hand, you can now prepare a Warper from a Preset by opening Create And Register Warper UI. Fill in the address of the Original Collection (the contract) that should become rentable, the name of the new Warper, the id of your IQVerse and the fixed fee (like 5%):
  1. After the transaction succeeds, copy the Warper address:
  1. Finally, provide eligibility to Warped Asset owners. This involves a minimal tweaking of your service's code. If a rented asset should provide the same eligibility as an Original Asset, change the "if the user has an asset from the Original Collection" logic to "if that or the user has an asset from the Warper." The second check differs from the first one only in the contract address; this is where you'll need the Warper address.

Now the Original Collection is rentable using the Warper you’ve prepared.

What’s Next

Now let's see the flow of a lister